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Global solutions in hydraulic. Since 1965

New web of Stern Hydraulic

Stern Hidraulica presents its new website, a new portal equipped with a modern design, intuitive and ready for the user to navigate easily and to discover and gather all the information from this basque company.

The new site www.sternhidraulica.com shows very clearly and visually all products and services that the company offers as a specialist in global solutions in the hydraulic field. in addition to a detailed breakdown of items such as special cylinders, standard cylinders and hydraulic power units . The web has a new subsection with information on the sale of components and various services that we offer our customers.

The area of applications continue to have a strong presence and a new section for displaying images of the major projects develope by the company. Industry 4.0 and a space dedicated to the search for partners are two new areas offered at the site.

The new portal Stern Hydraulic thus becomes a reference site, fully accessible from anywhere in the world, and responds to the need to provide information to all customers that the company has worldwide.


  • Anonymous

    2016/04/06 at 16:23

    Tenemos conocimientos que la calidad de sus productos son los mejores en España, pero tienen que ser mas economicos

    2020/06/10 at 16:03