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Special rotary cylinder

Stern designs and manufactures these special actuators which are required in various technical applications, where required a stable rotational movement times. Standard and special designs are manufactured for many years, enabling us to meet customer needs giving the correct solution for each project.

  • Special designs to customer requirements
  • Heavy duty hydraulic rotary actuators (1 or 2 piston rods)
  • Wide range of sizes
  • High torque output in a small package size
  • Rotation can be specified to suit application
  • Stroke adjusters for fine end of travel control
  • Different mounting styles
  • Options
    • Cushions
    • Proximity Switches
    • Position and speed transducers
    • Special seals

STERN’s  rotary actuators are also used in steel, which are subject to strict environmental conditions, while operating in a continuous cycle mode, with high operating temperatures and the use of special hydraulic fluids.