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Global solutions in hydraulic. Since 1965

Bloques hidráulicos

At STERN's hydraulic power units department, we are dedicated to design and manufacture tailormade hydraulic manifold blocks, adjusting to the client's requirements and their needs, depending on the different types of sectors. For this, we have a 2D / 3D design software, which allows us to develop projects with greater speed, guarantee and reliability.

Regarding the productive capacity and taking into account the different components of the hydraulic blocks, we can manufacture them with different characteristics:

Productive capacity:

  • CETOP valves of different sizes, depending on the flow rates of each application
  • Logical cartridges
  • Proportional Valves and Servo Valves
  • Pressures up to 700 bar
  • Wiring to terminal box
  • Oil collection tray

Types of group construction:

  • Horizontal and vertical
  • Customer-oriented oil inlets and outlets, which can be threaded or SAE flanged
  • For different types of oil