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Standard helical oscillators - HKS

Multiple helical gear principle
The basis for this design is a system of multiple helical gears. Numerous options, such as angular adjustment, cushioning and the use of sensor technology, make it possible to meet a broad range of requirements in terms of rotational movements with high torque. The mechanical tolerance in the angle of rotation can be reduced to below ten angular minutes. These rotary actuators are used, for example, in machine tools, elevated working platforms, automotive engineering, waste collection vehicles, side and rear loaders, tunneling machinery and construction machinery.

Rack and pinion principle
The rack and pinion actuator is ideal for use when there are high torque demands. It allows for extensive swiveling where the space is restricted in the axial direction. There are just as many additional option as for the multiple helical gear principle. The torque is generated and transferred via a rack and pinion piston arranged horizontally with respect to the drive cog formed with a pinion. This rotary actuator is particularly suitable for use with high torques. Actuators based on this functional principle are used in cement plants, for example, or in the tire industry, power plants, the steel industry, and the adjustment of ship rudders.