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Global solutions in hydraulic. Since 1965

Power units

In the department of hydraulic power units in STERN we design and manufacture customized hydraulic power units, tables of valves, special manifoldss, benches of accumulator, adjusting to customer requirements and needs, depending on the different types sectors. To do this, we have a design software 2D / 3D, which allows us to develop projects faster, guaranteed and reliability.

As a reference concerning the production and according to the different components of the hydraulic power units, we can manufacture the following power units

Production capacity:

  • Tank Capacity up to 10000 lt
  • Engines from the smallest power up to 150 hp
  • Flow rates above 1000 l / min
  • Pressures up to 700 bar
  • Complimentary wiring terminal box or full electrical operation in a control panel

Type of construction for power units:

  • Soundproofed power units
  • Mini power units
  • Units for working with different fluids
  • Units with stainless steel tanks