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Integrated company

Stern covers all necessary processes, offering its clients an integral service.

engineering service

Stern performs specific engineering tasks for all kinds of hydraulic works.

Connected to industry 4.0

The industry's digitization and computerization is a palpable and visible reality in Stern.


Standard cylinders

STERN offers a wide variety of standar cylinders: ISO 6020-1: Serie SK/SKM, ISO 6020-2: Serie SH/SHM, ISO 6022: Serie SX, Serie SY (350 bar), Serie SW (welded), Rotary Cylinders, Compact Cylinders, Tipper Cylinders

Special cylinders

Much of the production of STERN is oriented to the design and manufacture of special hydraulic cylinders which a focus on the engineering equipped with the most modern and up to date tools.

Power units

STERN, in collaboration with our customers, designs and develops complete hydraulic systems, hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders and electric control boards to offer turnkey projects to our customers.

Hydraulic and pneumatic assembly

Through our technical team we can make any type of installation, either pneumatic or hydraulic, working with different types of materials (carbon steel or stainless) and can use different options such as welding procedure or without weldings


Steel Industry

Hydroelectric projects


Mining and cement

Offshore and marine

Civil engineering

Hydraulic presses

Tank lifting system

Steel cutting lines

Machine tool

Renewable energy



Stern: Christmas 2017

STERN HIDRAULICA sends you our best wishes for the new year. Everyone at Stern, we thank...
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STERN HIDRÁULICA S.A., founded in 1965, specializes in the design, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems: cylinders (standard and special), power units including the pipe assembly and commissioning.

This long history has given us the experience to offer today complete hydraulic systems (turnkey projects), with a range covering all the needs of our customers.

The strength...

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