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Global solutions in hydraulic. Since 1965

Pipping Installation

We are specialists in solving hydraulic problems and we can advise you on improvements to your hydraulic system.

Maintenance can be performed at the client's premises on a regular basis or whenever required.
We provide a wide range of options that can include a service agreement customised in accordance with your specific needs.

We can install monitoring devices to prevent unexpected shut-down of your system, enabling better scheduling of the repair and maintenance tasks adapted to your production requirements.


Times and requirements change This often means that your system is not fully compliant with the new regulations and/or needs inspection and upgrading.

Stern provides the full process from the engineering tot start-up of the new functions, all on the client’s premises.


STERN can install any kind of pneumatic, hydraulic or lube oil piping, ensuring proper dimensioning of components such as pipes, hoses and fittings by our highly qualified and widely experienced technical team.

We provide installations with various types of material - carbon or stainless steel - and different execution methods: welding (flanges, spot welds...) or non-welded systems (piping joints in accordance with DIN 2353, Walform, etc.). We supply all the materials - pipes, fittings, flanges, hoses, clamps, etc. required for these installations.


With the aim of providing a comprehensive service and close support to our customers, Stern offers commissioning supervision anywhere in the world