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Atos: Axis motion control

Axis motion control

New Atos digital motion controller are the modern solution for axis control in machines and systems. They can be PC programmed with Atos easy & intuitive software, to best manage position, velocity or force of any electrohydraulic axis improve motion performance, simplify the automation architecture and may be interfaced with fieldbus


RI-TEZ axis controllers

integral to proportional 4-way directional valves with LVDT position transducer, perform the basic driver functions plus the position, velocity and pressure/force closed-loop control of the linear/rotative actuator to which the proportional valve is connected


Z-ME-KZ Eurocard axis controllers
flexible and general purpose axis card, specifically designed for electrohydraulic applications with extended quantity of available interfaces and functionalities, to perform excellent motion control Specific /GI execution is available for electrohydraulic closed-loop control of injection in plastic presses