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Atos: hydraulic pumps

Vane pumps

PFE fixed displacement vane pumps are high-performance industrial pumps offering remarkable features:

  • excellent reliability and easy servicing
  • long working life, over 106 cycles
  • low noise level, as shown on diagram
  • suitable for hydraulic oils or synthetic fluids
  • high technology in design and manufacturing
  • maximum versatility for any use
  • ATEX certified execution on request
Axial piston pumps

PVPC pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps for high pressure operation with low noise level and long service life.

  • pressure up to 280 ÷ 350 bar
  • 4 basic models for displacement up to 90 cm3/rev
  • full line of hydraulic controls and
    electrohydraulic servocontrols
  • the rotating barrel and pumping pistons
    are hydraulically balanced
  • 9 pumping pistons = reduced outlet pulsations
    and noise
  • ATEX certified execution on request
Electrohydraulic controls
  • pressure compensator, manual or remote
  • load sensing
  • constant power
  • proportional pressure & flow (load sensing)
  • PERS proportional P/Q digital driver performs in high dynamics the alternated pressure & flow regulation also with electronic maximum power limitation
Multiple pumps

Vane pumps and piston pumps can be easily coupled to realize multiple pumps with one single entry shaft. This modular "meccano" concept grants a proper tailoring of the pumps unit to the application.


  • gerardo rua hoyos

    2021/02/13 at 12:40

    necesito saber las caracteristicas de la bomba atos T-247, si es posible el catalogo, muchas gracias
  • Alejandro Corso

    2023/03/16 at 17:39

    buenas tardes, quisiera saber si podrian pasarme informacion de las características de la bomba a paleta ATOS N-parte:PFE 31044/1DT
    Muchas gracias.