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Global solutions in hydraulic. Since 1965

Atos: Special valves

Ex-proof valves

Explosion-proof valves, on-off or proportional, for use in potential explosive environments for presence of gas or flammable dust. Solenoids are of original design, integral and consistent to the valves.

At choice type-tested and certified to following standards:

  • Multicertification ATEX, IECEx, EAC
    Group I Gas - Mining
    Group II Gas and dust
  • US & Canadian standards
    UL429, UI1203 and CSA 22.2
  • PESO Certification by Government of India
  • MA Chinese Mining Certification
Stainless steel valves

A new "X" line of directional and pressure controls, in stainless steel execution for corrosive environments and special fluids. Rugged inoxidizable design, suitable for use with mineral oils, water glycol, special syntetic fluids or just pure water.

  • on request, certifications as above
Safety valves

Safety valves are specifically designed to ensure safety, they are equipped with specific devices for monitoring spool position and the relevant hydraulic status Used to cut off, in case of emergency or safety situation, the line of hydraulic power to an actuator

Intrinsically safe valves

"Intrinsically safe" specification is based on the principle of limiting the energy of electric circuits in environments with hazardous atmospheres. To limit the max input current, valves must be powered through specific "safety barriers".

  • pressure to 210 bar
  • flow to 20 l/min (pilot valve)
Leak-free valves & cartridges

Leak free solenoid valves, subplate or screw-in, two-way, poppet style: normally used to cut off the hydraulic power supply line. Currently available in "normally closed" configuration, they open the flow when their solenoid is energized.