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Stern: Proyecto Azkarra-ZL 2020/00338

Development of a new family of highly resistant and durable hydraulic cylinders for application in the Naval sector

The main objective of the project is the development of a new family of ecological hydraulic cylinders, for application in the naval sector, with high performance and durability, through the introduction of low-cost materials and new Cr6-free coatings, based on a new technology. ultra high speed laser (EHLA) delivery.

To achieve this result, a series of partial objectives is proposed:

  • Design of a hybrid lathe with multiprocess capability that allows subtractive processes such as turning and grinding operations to be sequentially executed and interleaved, and a new high-speed deposition additive (EHLA) process, which can be used to manufacture parts of geometry of revolution of different dimensions and metal alloys
  • Development of new formulations of coatings against corrosion and wear through the mixture of metallic alloys in powder form and in different proportions, applied directly on the substrate during the high-speed deposition process, adapting the characteristics of the coating to the specific functionality required in the component to be treated.