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Stern Hidraulica, at the Hydro 2022 conference in Strasbourg

After the success of the Lyon (2009) and Bordeaux (2015) events, the Hydro 2022 conference will finally take place, an event organised by the international magazine Hydropower & Dams which showcases the latest advances and benefits being developed in the Water Treatment, Electricity, Environment and Hydroelectric sectors. A unique event that Stern Hidráulica could not miss.

The event will be held at the 'Palais de la Musique' of the Strasbourg congress, from 25 to 27 April 2022.

We will participate in different calls to learn first-hand about the impact of hydropower around the world and the optimisation of its current contribution to progress and energy development.

We will examine the challenges public utilities faced with hydropower systems during the pandemic and the actions that had to be taken to overcome the difficulties encountered in routing the power distribution network.

As always, much attention will be paid to the potential and development needs of the least developed countries, as well as to climate resilience, engineering for difficult locations and the synergy of hydropower with other (intermittent) renewable energy sources. All in all, an unmissable event that Stern will definitely be attending.

Having said that, we would like to announce that our Stern Hidráulica team will be present together with other major brands in the sector to present and show solutions for the application of products such as: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units with control panels or hydraulic assemblies. All of them guaranteeing maximum safety and productivity in particularly demanding environments, such as water treatment, electricity, environment and hydroelectric power plants.